- What? is a FREE resource for nonrev airline employees and retirees who fly standby.

View trips submitted by other nonrev flyers, submit your own trip for viewing. Having all your trips documented and in one easy to find place is also nice. There is no commenting or contact between members, and you will NEVER be spammed. We NEVER share any information or show contact information. - Why?

As a non-rev, I was looking for a quick and easy way to look at a map and see what other nonRevs had done at locations I was either already at, or heading to.

There were plenty of sites out there, but all were blogs and random information loosely sprinkled over the internets, or mega sites that you cant trust because the 'pay to play' formula. So I ressurected an old social media site I had built years ago, got some direction from fellow nonRevs, found inspiration from the pinned map at the station and morphed the site into what I was looking for, information about trips from other nonRevs with a simple map. So here it is (so far), hopefully people will use it, because I want to.

Let me know if you run into any problems or have some suggestions. I will update features and support if people start using it. Hope you get a seat! Happy Travels!

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