Tips & Tricks

  • GimmieASeat
    on 07/13/18

    If a hotel stay in a certain area is really expensive, try a quick regional flight to a nearby area where lodging is a bit cheaper.

  • Biofusion
    on 05/06/18

    Use a Hop on-Hop off tour pass as a relatively cheap way to 1) get all around a city throughout a day or two {Consider it unlimited bus fare to the major sites you want to see anyway}, 2) see a basic overview of all the sites, 3) get acclimated to the layout of the city.

  • StandbyTogether
    on 01/18/18

    If you know you are going to have an overnight layover, try and take a redeye and use the plane as a hotel!

  • GimmieASeat
    on 12/27/17

    Bring chocolate for the gate agents and flight attendants, it ALWAYS helps!


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